Kathryn was a benevolent member of the Williamsport community. She was a Charter Member and Treasurer of Loyalsock Garden Club, as well as a member of the Y.M.C.A., where she participated in Silver Sneakers, and Hepburn Baptist Church, where she was Treasurer of A.B.W.M. She also valued her time volunteering with friends at the Faxon Methodist Thrift Shop.

She enjoyed quilting, crafts, chocolate, anything dipped in chocolate, and more chocolate…cheese, strong tea, baking, reading, and antiques. She collected Santa Clauses. She made the best shoofly pie and mac and cheese - hands down. She taught her daughters how to sew and she sang “You Are My Sunshine” to me as a child.

What is more, she had an adventurous side. She loved roller coasters and exploring new places. Whenever she arrived at a new destination, she’d get in her car and drive, without plans or directions - with only intentions of discovering something new. And while most people don’t know this, she also harbored a closet desire to get to the Autobahn and floor a gas pedal.

Kathryn was beautiful, inside and out. She was probably the most thoughtful, compassionate prom queen in the history of prom queens. Her infectious smile, as well as her calm manner and kind heart, uplifted all who knew her. Her consideration for other people - friends, family, and strangers alike - was above and beyond commendable.

She stayed close with friends throughout her life, even after moving from Bensalem, PA to Holden, MA to Chester, NJ to Williamsport, PA, which was a testament to her altruistic character.

She was devoted to her family. Just the sound of her voice or touch of her hand made us feel loved and uplifted. I would do anything to hear her voice again – to feel her love, strength, and encouragement.

While my mother was not a runner, I used to run track at Loyalsock Twp. High School, and she was always so supportive. We didn’t have much of a track team at the time, but that didn’t matter to her. She didn’t miss a single meet. I always valued the fact that she was there, supporting me, just as she always did.

A few months before she passed away, I ran my first half marathon. I started running again as a way to clear my head - a way to deal with my mother’s illness. It was a miserable, miserable day in Seaside Heights, NJ, with remnants of a hurricane passing through.

In the beginning, all I thought about was tolerating the wind and rain so I could merely finish. However, about half way through I thought about my mom. I wished she was there to cheer me on, the way she used to. I knew it hurt her as well, not being able to be there for me because she was too ill to travel.

At one point I gazed into the ominous sky and saw a single crack of light trying to push through the gloom. I know it sounds corny, and honestly I’m not a corny person, but I truly felt close to her, as though that was her pushing through the negativity, just so she could root me on.

That’s kind of the way she was in life. When life seemed wretched, she was the bright spot pushing through. And even though that speck of light paled in size comparison, it prevailed over all the darkness.

Now every time I run I feel close to her. That being said, I’m hoping everyone who participates in this event feels close to her and the ovarian cancer cause, especially since the inaugural race took place at Three Springs Farm, the home she loved so dearly. I know she’s watching and cheering for everyone.